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Wedding Wednesday: Awkward Wedding Photos

Each Wednesday, the ladies of Milestones (aka Sarah and myself) share our favorite tidbits in the wedding world. It is part wedding fashion, part do-it-yourself and part wedding randomness.

We at Milestones have lots and lots of love for all things awkward.  So, in honor of upcoming April Fools Day I thought it would appropriate to share a few awkward wedding photos from the world wide web.

First up, a few faves from the one and only Awkward Family Photos

Just when I thought I’ve attempted every groom plus parents pose, AFP releases this vintage gem (far left). Oh, and what can I say about the middle photo? It’s so beautiful. As far as the photo on the right, what I really wonder is whose idea that was. The parents? The bride? The photographer?

Why didn’t I think of this. Genius. I might have to sneak double exposure into my editing routine.

My other favorite online source for all things awkward in weddings is Tacky Weddings. I’ve (embarrassingly) spent hours there gawking at (as they say) all things heinous, trashy, and hilarious in weddings. It’s a perfect, perfect time waster.

Did you know this is a serious trend in Japan? My husband and I have pondered doing something similar for a holiday card. We would be so cool.

Hey! Brides! Do you need some ideas on a wedding theme? How about a backyard rainbow theme? Or maybe you’re into off-beat fairytales. Of course, any wedding on the fourth of July must have a little red, white & blue.

Classy, classy, classy. Speaking of classy…

My dream is to some day photograph a Traveller wedding in the UK. I cannot begin to imagine what occurs at these events.

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Cierra Abell - Why is the girl looking at her younger self in the mirror topless?!?! It is not the dress, because I see the top of the jeans she’s wearing! Oh my!

britta - I know! Super creepy!

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