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Nikki + Cody: On The Farm

Nikki and Cody’s wedding is coming up in just a couple of weeks! We spent a little time out at Cody’s grandparent’s farm for some fun engagement photos.

We can’t wait for the wedding!

Grandpa kept an eye on us.

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Cierra - Love the grandpa photo! :D

Wedding Wednesday: Rural Romance

Recently I attended the wedding of some long-time friends. In a barn. And it was so cool. Ok, technically the wedding was in front of a chapel. But the dance was in a barn. And it was so cool!

(There’s an early peek of a few images on our FB page.)

Because it was so cool.

So now all I’ve been thinking of is barn weddings. Because we’re in the perfect part of the country to take what was a boring old barn and turn it into something spectacular for a wedding. And fall just seems like the perfect season for it.

So from our Greatest Hits collection, today I’m sharing the rustic romance of some of our Milestones couples. Married! In a barn! So cool!

John & Andrea, 2011

Mandi and Tucker, 2007

Jeanmarie & Preston, 2010

Soon to come, Donna & Jay, 2011. Stay tuned (It was so cool!).

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Unique Weddings - I love the last part, the happy hour. The wedding is really nice and very romantic. Nice pics too , Congratulations to the newlyweds and best wishes.

Stacey + Damien’s Engagement Session

Who says true love can’t be found on Facebook? Take for example Stacey and Damien. Just a few short years ago this lovely couple (who had never met) were convinced by a mutual friend to friend each other on the social network. A few months and a random facebook comment later, these two were well on their way to true love. They will marry this April and we can’t wait to document all the love.

During our September engagement shoot, Damien was enjoying his last days in Fargo before heading back to Seattle. In other words, he was all about flirting with Stacey :) Fittingly, we had some gorgeous romantic light at Bluestem in south Moorhead.

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The Kveno Family

As kids grow older and start their own careers and families, it gets to be more and more difficult to get everyone together for family photos. The Kveno kids really planned ahead and organized a great session with their parents one recent morning at the family farm near Gary, Minn. We really love when we can do portraits in or near the home because I think they can mean so much more.

Grandpa loves his cattle so we had to get at least one shot that included the ol’ girls.

The Kveno’s have a horse that’s been a part of the family longer than the spouses so they wanted to include her too.

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Lana - These pictures are amazing…I just love all of them

Tawna + Derick

I had been excited to celebrate with Tawna and Derick long before their August wedding day. For starters, these two are the nicest most genuine most awesome pair ever. Seriously. Their love and excitement for life is contagious. Not only that, but their family and friends rock. A great combination for a great day.

On a slightly more selfish note, I was really (really, really, really) excited to celebrate with this lovely couple because their wedding was in Garrison, North Dakota. Okay, okay, I know some of you are thinking “So, what? Garrison is just another small town in a small state.” Yes, it’s true. It also happens to be where my husband grew up and where I’ve spent many holidays and mini vacations over the last ten or so years. As a native Minnesotan, I’m intrigued by the vast and openness of central North Dakota and thus have fallen head over heels in love for this part of the state. It’s also been my dream to photograph a wedding in Garrison so thank you Tawna and Derick for making that dream come true!

Tawna and Derick were married at Fort Stevenson State Park on the banks of Lake Sakakawea. Dave joined Derek and his fellas as they prepared the ceremony site.

Meanwhile, in Garrison…

…and across town at the hotel…

The tricky thing about both the bride and groom getting ready at the same small hotel is that you have to be uber, duper coordinated to make sure the couple does not see each other prematurely. Tawna and Derick succeeded at this.

Finally, the first glance!

See what I mean? Such an awesome couple.

Ushers rock!

One of many reasons to love central North Dakota:

Believe it or not, Tawna has seven (yes seven!) nephews who played a very important role as bell ringers in the wedding ceremony.  On a side note, congratulations to Tawna’s sister Trista who just gave birth to a baby girl (the first girl in the family).

Tawna’s dad Kyle sang during the ceremony. So sweet…

Not only was this my first wedding in Garrison but it was also the first hayride I’ve been able to photograph. It… was… awesome.

(Take note of Tawna’s beer cozy)

Yup. A super great day with a super great couple. Congratulations Tawna and Derick!

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Kris - What a great day for a great couple! Makes me miss Garrison…

mitch - Wow great job again! the ones at the park and on the street are incredible!

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